As you know our motto is #

 We applaud people that take action, help others, push themselves to limits in life, whatever that may be. We encourage leaders and thinkers. We at Sheepdog congratulate & acknowledge people doing positive things! With that being said we have made this drink specifically for you folks. Stay tuned to our social media and this tab to see which organizations we are working with on a monthly basis. We hope you enjoy Sheepdog drinks and if you have anything you want to say or organizations/individuals that you feel need supporting. Please email us at or contact us below.

Our mission for Sheepdog drinks is to give back as much as possible. We will be donating a portion of Sheepdog proceeds to worthy charitable & non-profit organizations on a monthly basis. Visit this "Donations" tab regularly to keep up with our monthly initiatives and the organizations we support. We will also use our social media to select local community members that have done something outstanding in their town whether it be sports, first responders, or just the everyday Joe or Jane that tries to make a difference.